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Rockfirm in Marketing, Marketing located in Chicago, Illinois.
Rockfirm in Marketing, Marketing located in Chicago, Illinois.


  Chicago, Illinois, 60605
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Introduction: Rockfirm is a team of strategic marketers and creatives with a history in the music business, specializing in brand and marketing strategy for startups and small-to-midsize business. We believe that you should stop making noise in the market - make music. Don''t add to the chaos. Get your messaging right, and make sure you''re speaking to the right people and in a way that makes sense for them. Because when you do, it''s a game-changer, and that sort of clarity impacts everything from branding and web design to social media, print and media. We''ve helped startups and multinational brands alike, but our passion is helping small and medium businesses achieve clarity and growth with effective, proven strategies. In fact, we''ve structured our business specifically to make this sort of big-budget thinking available to Small Businesses.'

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