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Patricia Riley Metalsmith in Jewelry Services located in Chicago, Illinois.
Patricia Riley Metalsmith in Jewelry Services located in Chicago, Illinois.

Patricia Riley Metalsmith

  Chicago, Illinois, 60605
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Introduction: Located in Fort Worth, I am an Old School Artisan Custom Metalsmith, working only in Precious Metals - Silver, Sterling Silver and all karats and colors of Gold. Please Note: Stainless Steel is NOT a Precious Metal and I do NOT work in it. Here is why: Sterling Silver is a natural micro-biocide, killing germs and bacteria on contact and is used as an Emergency Water Purifier and is in many City Water Purification Systems. Silver is used to treat burns, is put in Babies eyes to prevent Blindness from Syphilis, is the most thermally conducive metal and electrical conductive metal (along with Gold) but does not spark, prevents algae and other bacteria from growing in water, does not contain Iron, will not rust or deteriorate over time. Silver has a pure, sweet acoustic resonance, making superior musical instruments, is the whitest of the white metals, takes the highest polish of all metals and reflects 99% of light that strikes it. The labor and change of tools required to work in Stainless Steel far exceeds the cost of Sterling Silver, which has Intrinsic Value that Stainless Steel does not. I can see NO REASON any educated person would choose Stainless over Sterling.. They would be better to request Silver Plated Copper. I work with you to create the perfect design for your personality and lifestyle. Since I do my own metalsmithing and casting, I can take your old jewelry and redesign it into new pieces. I work directly in metals or wax. I do not do drawings and do not use 3D CAD or 3D Printing to create the jewelry. I enjoy, most of all, creating a tangible object of art that matches the vision in my head and of my customer. For the past 40 years, I have been designing and creating Original One of a Kind pieces of Wearable Sculpture and traditional jewelry pieces. I offer Professional In-House Services from creating a wax, working directly in Precious Metals and Genuine Gemstones that have a lasting Intrinsic Value of and by themselves. I offer reasonable pricing and turnaround, with time being different for each piece. I carve and create waxes by hand, cast my own castings, set my own stones all in-house. I am considered an Expert Repair person for sizing, prong repair and stone replacement. I will repair jewelry that no one else will consider.

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