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Nutrition & Fitness Specialist in Nutritionist, Nutritionist located in Chicago, Illinois.
Nutrition & Fitness Specialist in Nutritionist, Nutritionist located in Chicago, Illinois.

Nutrition & Fitness Specialist

  Chicago, Illinois, 60605
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Introduction: Please view my website link in my profile to learn exactly what my work with my clients is like. I''m looking for committed clients that want to reach their goals. They''ve tried it on their own, but haven''t had success. They know that getting support and accountability is the missing key ingredient to their success. If this is you, please continue reading and reach out for an open & honest conversation about your current situation and what we will need to do to overcome the obstacles and get great results together. ***I’m very responsive and you’ll likely catch me responding to your initial message within 10-15 mins. The most important goal I have when working with my clients is getting them to reach your goals in a long-term sustainable approach. There are No -Fad diets, -Hand-off meal plans, -Pills or Supplements, -Wonky exercise programs, -Subscriptions based offerings, or -Lack of support/accountability here. Through the last 18 years, I''ve gained invaluable experience working alongside clients everyday helping them understand how to balance exercise, nutrition, and well-being in normal everyday life. I have a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science/Nutrition. Have over 15 different certifications, owned 2 gyms for 6 years and have been studying health, fitness, nutrition, since 1998. My Program Approach: I use what I call the SANE approach. *Support -Phone Call, Text messaging, Coaching Tools - Over 40 Videos/ 25 custom PDFs *Accountability -Setting Commitments and helping you Implement them and the information into your life. *Nutrition -A personalized science-backed approach for your lifestyle. *Exercise -A personalized science-backed approach for your lifestyle. Through this personalized one-on-one approach, we are able to help you gain the knowledge, tools and implement strategies setting you up for lasting success. Regardless if we live in the same city or across the country, there can be video conferencing to create a more "in-person" experience for you. Communication is by far the most valued part of my service I offer. If you have a question, I have an answer that suits your individual situation. An Important Note, I can''t work with everyone and after helping people improve their health for many years I am looking to create win-win situations. I want you to get to your goals and enjoy the experience of our work together. Who my coaching and programs are not for... -Those who need to "think about it longer". -Those who aren''t willing to do the necessary work to reach their goal no matter what they would be. -Those who can''t decide for themselves to get the necessary help they need. -Those who don''t invest time, energy, and money in themselves. I''ve noticed a pattern in my best clients who reach their goals. They show up in 3 different ways. Do these sound like you? 1. Coachable - ready to listen and implement our program together. 2. Committed/Decisive - The time is now and they are ready to take action. They don''t need to think about moving forward to improve themselves any longer. 3. Resourceful - They are willing to make the time, effort, and energy to get great results despite what''s happening in their busy life. If these characteristics sound like you then let''s get on a 15 min call to learn more about your situation and discuss what working together would look like. I live my passion helping people every day reach their health goals. Looking forward to talking with you! Coach Brian PS - Please, review my Thumbtack profile and reviews along with my Facebook profile to learn more about who I am and how I work with my clients.'

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