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Hypnosis by Dan in Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy located in Chicago, Illinois.
Hypnosis by Dan in Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy located in Chicago, Illinois.

Hypnosis by Dan

  Chicago, Illinois, 60605
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Introduction: Hello from Baltimore! You CAN be hypnotized. Whether virtually over video chat or phone call, or by an in person visit by me (serving locally a 60 mi radius from Baltimore, MD), You CAN be hypnotized. Loan me your imagination, focus and be willing to follow a few simple instructions... that''s all it takes! Congratulations on making the decision to embark on an amazing journey to self improvement, behavior change and relief from stress, anxiety and doubt through the use of hypnosis. I can''t wait to guide you there! Certified Hypnotherapist Dan Hetrick tailors your hypnosis experience to your specific desires and what you *want* to achieve in hypnosis. Compassionate and understanding, Dan will tell you straight if hypnosis is the right approach for you and how it could help you ease your anxiety and stress levels, free yourself from an addiction or help you manage a healthy weight loss. Need a hypnotist for your corporate event or party? Call. Have a hypnosis question? Call. Consultations are always free, and session rates ARE negotiable. My services: I offer concierge hypnotherapy from the Baltimore, Maryland area to address a wide array of issues, and requests by way of personal and compassionate attention to your individual hypnosis needs with an in person visit, or through "virtual" hypnosis by video chat or phone call. I am 16 years as a certified hypnotherapist, certified through the American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy with hundreds of satisfied clients. I am also certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists. I bring hypnosis to you through the most convenient service possible. For local clients, I can make personal visits to where you feel most comfortable, as well as voice, video and text options for those more remotely located. We will decide together what therapeutic approach will be most effective and build the framework together. Let''s chat, now. Imagine how great you could feel after just one session from me, with each additional session building on the successes of the ones before them. I do not charge a "walk-in" fee and will take your payment only if you''re satisfied with your session. Deep discounts available for first timers to hypnosis, multi-session reservations, and referrals. Some things with which I''ve helped my happy, motivated clients include, but are not limited to: * Relaxation - Hypnosis brings relaxation on a scale you''ve never experienced before. Imagine being so relaxed you can''t find the motivation, desire or ability to move. * Stress & Anxiety Relief - Stress and Anxiety feed fuel to so many other issues. Simply addressing these bad boys could make other issues so much easier to get under control. * Addiction recovery and support (including smoking cessation) - Your decision to be clean/non-smoker will be a conflict in your mind until you''ve gotten your unconscious mind to accept that fact. Cement the changes and make the switch with that direct line into your unconscious mind. What it accepts as reality, it will fight to maintain. * Weight management - habits are maintained by the unconscious mind. Let''s you and I convince your unconscious mind to get with the program and give you the confidence to manage a healthy weight loss and metabolism * Memory management - pain from an event, breakup, individual no longer has to affect you as deeply and profoundly as it has. Let me help you re-frame your reactions to that or... Lost something? Trouble with names, faces and facts? Let''s build your memory castle or go diving into your unconscious mind''s memory vault to find that memory and set up instant recall of the things you need to have at your disposal. * Fun and fascination - Just want the experience for the experience or have something more exploratory (regression, perception) in mind? Cool! Let''s chat and put you where and when you want to be at the price you can afford. *Entertainment - Looking for a way to spice up a party or corporate event? A hypnosis demonstration is an amazing way to do that where you and your guests can become party animals (in a very interesting way) Everybody that attends gets something out of it! Laughter and fun guaranteed! I love the expressions of utter astonishment and delight when a client tells me, "I can''t believe how great I feel! I can''t believe how well that works!" Helping people rocks!'

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