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HostUR.Biz in Web Hosting, Web Hosting located in Chicago, Illinois.
HostUR.Biz in Web Hosting, Web Hosting located in Chicago, Illinois.


  Chicago, Illinois, 60605
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Introduction: HostUR.Biz offers decades of experience in one of the most convenient and cost-efficient experiences you may ever receive. We began marketing over the internet in 1991. In 1995, I sold my physical business to exclusively market over the internet. I created a network of hundreds of associates around America and created websites for many of them. After a car accident in 2005, I was medically classified as disabled. I am now unable to travel or even get out as I had previously. So I then took a small part of my business and expanded it to be my primary business. Now, HostUR.Biz helps clients with just about any and everything computer and internet. -From computer repair to web hosting and design, we do almost any and everything one could need to keep their computers and Internet presence at an excellent status. Be it computer repair, antivirus, software or hardware servicing, web design and hosting, SEO and many other services at some of the most reasonable prices, we have exactly what you need. I am also retired and able to give a much more personal experience than others. We are far more flexible and accommodating than normal similar services. From pick up and delivery to building YOUR personal or business website. We offer just about any and everything related to computers and the Internet. limited FREE follow-up is always available and our hosting and most services come with the tools and tutorials needed to manage your site yourself. Call today to discuss your needs and let us show you how easily and inexpensively we can help you accomplish your goals. Allen Howe HostURBiz - P.S. We especially enjoy challenges and creativity. For instance, we love converting your ideas for a website into reality. While we will, this isn''t our best love basic updating of images, verbiage, etc., on websites. It is far more cost efficient than having us do it. Due to this, all of my hosting packages include all of the tools and tutorials needed to maintain your own site. I have all the tools needed for servicing windows computers. Therefore, I am able to accomplish services that you simply cannot do without buying expensive tools for yourself. It made sense for me to get them as I work on many computers. Mostly, I enjoy happy clients with great reviews that send referrals and the little extra money it brings.'

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