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Free Yourself Hypnosis in Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy located in Chicago, Illinois.
Free Yourself Hypnosis in Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy located in Chicago, Illinois.

Free Yourself Hypnosis

  Chicago, Illinois, 60605
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Introduction: I am a Licensed acupuncturist as well as a hypnotherapist with over 19 years of experience in helping people heal. I am double certified for hypnosis and continuously train to keep up with the latest and most result oriented techniques. Q: What else makes me different?: A: I stand behind my work - I offer a money back guarantee because let''s face it, money is tight and when you hire me, you are investing in results. I specialize in stress management, that is, helping you to become stress free right over the phone, usually in just 3 sessions! Q: Why is stress a killer? A: The medical establishment agrees that stress is related to obesity, heart disease alzheimer''s disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, depression and inflammatory issues and can cause disease. Q: What is stress?" A: If you have the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure for an extended period of time, then you are experiencing stress. Q: What are some triggers for stress? A: Work, relationships, money issues and more. It can affect how you feel, think, behave, (i.e. excessive drinking, smoking or eating problems) sleep, and self esteem. Stress can also cause high blood pressure, headaches, muscle tension and more. I have been working one-on-one with people since 1999 and have been privileged to witness deep physical and emotional healing among my clients. And this transformation can be yours as well. My 20 years of experience offers me the joy of seeing people succeed. That''s why I do this work. My years of experience inspired me to create my "Prescription for Success" because I know it works. Q: What is the Prescription for Success? A: It is a package of 3 sessions with your appointments about once per week for 3 weeks. Also, sometimes there will be some "home work" on your part that is usually very healing and enlightening for you. Your commitment to keeping the appointments is key because one session builds on the next compounding the effects of each session to the final result you are seeking. Commitment is what is required for success, and if you are ready for a change and committed to the Prescription for Success plan, then you have a money back guarantee. Q: What''s the first step?: A: It all starts with a free no obligation phone chat. You call me and I''ll answer your questions and give you a chance to get to know me. You should be comfortable with your hypnotherapist. Q: "Will I Bark like a dog?" A: No, because hypnosis is about getting YOU back in control. ***You will always be aware of what is going on and you can pull yourself out of hypnosis as easily as choosing to stop looking at this screen. No one can make you say or do anything against your will in hypnosis. As you can see from my reviews the results of hypnosis are life changing, and you deserve to feel better.'

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