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Focus Tai Chi in Private Tai Chi Instruction, Private Tai Chi Instruction located in Chicago, Illinois.
Focus Tai Chi in Private Tai Chi Instruction, Private Tai Chi Instruction located in Chicago, Illinois.

Focus Tai Chi

  Chicago, Illinois, 60605
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Introduction: I teach qigong, tai chi, kung fu, and self-defense. I have been practicing health qigong since I was a child and I hold an advanced instructor''s certificate from the American Tai Chi & Qigong Association. I am also partnered with the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine of Chicago, where I teach kung fu, tai chi, and qigong. I spent seven years as a teenager growing up in violent neighborhoods. Being short and a seemingly easy target, I had to fight daily just to get to school. I then went on to fight while serving in the Navy. Those years of experience taught me what works and what doesn''t in real-life self-defense situations. I also teach the foundational and meditational principles of tai chi and other martial arts to help people improve their performance in both sports and regular daily life. For example, I have worked with a pro golfer and can teach you to apply tai chi to better your swing and your game. I have also worked with an individual with advanced liver disease who said qigong was the first thing he''d found that helped, as well as a woman with heavy metal deposits in her lungs who was then able to open up her passageways to breathe normally. I learn all my healing and martial arts material from authentic Chinese sources and my education never stops. I tailor my teachings to each individual''s needs and abilities. I can explain what are typically more advanced concepts in simple every day English so that beginners can make fast progress. I really enjoy helping people improve their lives, both physically and mentally, especially people who never thought they would be able to obtain relief or gain skills. With qigong and tai chi, It''s always a thrill to see just how powerful these arts are for healing as well as conditioning for people of all abilities. I also love seeing how kung fu and self-defense can build a person''s confidence and fitness. It seems that no matter what our needs are, there is an ancient Chinese art that offers a solid solution that can complement and balance our hectic lives!'

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