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Flipz Pet Care in Dog Training located in New York, New York.
Flipz Pet Care in Dog Training located in New York, New York.

Flipz Pet Care

  New York, New York, 10023
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Introduction: The problem so many dog owners have when sorting through walkers, is that some walkers are just there to provide the service for money. They are only connected to the dog they are walking by the leash in their hand.Our work is different because from the first introduction with each dog, we connect. It is not enough to have owners trust us. In fact it can be even more important for their dog to trust mus. This makes the adjustment to a new routine tremendously easier for both the dog and the owner. When we take on a new dog, they become part of our extended family.The most gratifying part of our job is seeing behavioral improvements in the animals we take care of. Whether it's working on separation anxiety issues, obedience training, or just getting the right amount of exercise, we could not be happier when we see the relationship between pet and pet-parent flourish when a pet feels happier, more confident and secure.PLEASE NOTE:Our service area for Dog Training is Manhattan, south of 60th street, as far east as 1st avenue.Our service area for Dog Walking includes Columbus Circle, Hell's Kitchen, Chelsea, Flatiron, and Financial DistrictCurrently, we only provide private, in-home training sessions.We do not offer board-and-train programs, nor do we recommend them. Training is one of the best ways you can bond with your dog, and it is crucial you are present and learn how to communicate with your dog. Our goal is to provide long-term training that you can work on throughout their life time, not temporary training that wears off once you bring your dog home. We specialize in Puppy Training, Crate Training, Loose- leash Walking, Obedience and General Manners.We do not offer aggressive behavior modification, and recommend you seek a Behaviorist rather than a trainer for achieving those goals.

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