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Choosing Heart in Marriage and Relationship Counseling located in New York, New York.
Choosing Heart in Marriage and Relationship Counseling located in New York, New York.

Choosing Heart

  New York, New York, 10023
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Introduction: Hello! I'm Arya. I look forward to meeting you.*Folks finding me through receive a 60-minute consultation session at no cost. A lot of value with little risk**A bit of my background*> 10+ years in private practice> Several qualifications/certifications in the areas of counseling, life coaching, leadership, etc. (see my profile for a detailed list)> Top-ranked in my field on Yelp for Berkeley area (search Empowered Journey to see all of my reviews)> Just started on so slowly building my presence here*I hold a range of trainings and certifications including:*> Counseling (InterChange, 200 hours)> Life coaching (CTI, 200 hours)> Leadership training (CTI, 205 hours)> Mindfulness meditation/Buddhist psychology (Theravada/Vajrayana, 500 hours)> Stress management and personal resilience (SMART, 285 hours)> Grief and bereavement training (Josie's Place, 100 hours)> Transformational NLP (NLPMarin, 72 hours)> Authentic Feeling (Adam Gainsburg, 100 hours)> Somatic/process psychology (Process-Oriented Psychology, 200 hours)> Ritual and initiation practices, expressive arts practices (200 hours)> Hatha yoga (Ashtanga/Shivananda/Kriya, 500 hours)*I offer four types of marriage/relationship counseling and coaching services*1. Urgent Intervention: for couples in acute breakdown, imminent breakup, or other breaking points2. Cultivation: for couples that are not in crisis, but are struggling to create the relationship they long for3. Power Couple: for couples that are wanting tailored coaching and training to become the high-achieving couple they aspire to be4. Singles: for individuals wanting to find an amazing partner and achieve a deeply satisfying relationshipNot sure which Path is right for you? Strike up a conversation and I'll be happy to better inform you.(I also run a personal counseling and coaching business called 'Empowered Journey' which is also on , supporting individuals around themes of self-empowerment, managing difficult emotions and stress, healing, spiritual counsel, accessing creativity, finding purpose and satisfaction, organization and productivity, success, etc.)My relationship work is informed by the observation that satisfying romantic relationship does not simply happenΓÇôit is intentionally cultivated.My methodology is a personally developed blend of 4 distinct and complementary skill-sets:1. Rediscovering Love: Again and again, learning how to disarm the alarm of the moment and return to the core feelings of love, admiration and attraction that sustains visionary relationship2. Empowering Communication: Putting an end to blame and shame dynamics, instead bringing deepened understanding, trust and intimacy3. Healing Old Hurts: Leveraging the vulnerability inherent in romantic relationship to heal the old hurts you have carried with you through your life, leading to greater ease, joy and freedom4. Creating From Intimacy: Using connection, trust and intimacy as a springboard, learning how to imagine and implement new creative possibilities and thus profoundly enhancing your life and worldHelping couples thrive as persons and as teams is the most satisfying work in the world to me. I am both incredibly honored and humbled to be allowed into the inner life of a couple, and I hold this responsibility and mission with the utmost respect and reverence.Because of this fundamental approach, I am fully committed to my clients, and strive to over-deliver value in our work together. It is not an easy job to walk with a couple through their very real and raw ups and downs, but it is my calling and thus extremely fulfilling. I look forward to working with you.*Please see my yelp page for the largest collection of positive reviews by searching for 'Empowered Journey'*

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