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Aya of The Dawn in Astrology Reading, Astrology Reading located in Chicago, Illinois.
Aya of The Dawn in Astrology Reading, Astrology Reading located in Chicago, Illinois.

Aya of The Dawn

  Chicago, Illinois, 60605
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Introduction: Greetings! We all have the same tools, the mind, emotions, body, & soul. We can use them as weapons to abuse or we can use them to love & heal. I use my mind, emotions, body, & soul to heal and love. I have used the same tools to heal myself from deep darkness and oppression. I understand humanities longing for the light of a new day and craving for the True Self. I ask that you bring your openness and willingness to explore your True Self in our sessions together. I offer deeply healing Spiritual Counseling / Life Coaching. That may include divination using tarot, numerology, astrology, runes, human design, & oracles. I offer cellular emotional healing processing support using reiki, reflexology, & Thai Yoga Massage. I have a deep understanding of the body/mind/soul/divine/shadow connections as we try to relate to our inner/outer relationships. I assist in healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from childhood traumas. Soul Retrieval may be needed because of disassociation. So assessments are taken on a weekly basis, you may not know exactly what you need but I will listen to you deeply to assist you. My specialty is assisting Spiritual Leaders, Warriors, High Priests/esses, Healers, & all around Transformers in their awakening/healing process. I am a reader of energy and can give a reading with precision from questions about your job, relationships, & health and how this all ties into your highest development, happiness, and fulfillment as a Being. My purpose is assist you in your alchemical, esoteric, trans-formative processes by bringing the concepts down to earth just for you. This is your process and I am a light that shines on what is coming up for you now and I will be your guide. And you will feel comfort, at ease, & capable. We can meet in person at my Chamblee Tucker location. If you are not in the same city I like to use webcam so that your session is interactive. With webcam we will not be able to do reflexology sessions. But reiki healing, tarot readings, and energy readings are just as powerful on webcam as they are in person. Energy knows no time or space. I am a born psychic medium, and can also read your guides, the "dead," and any energies around you. Everything is energy and all is Divine. Tarot Readings: Tarot is about peering behind the veil of your subconscious to see what role you are playing in creating the life you are currently existing. It will tell what you are doing "wrong," what you are doing right, the end result if keep going down the same road, or what you can change (if anything) in order to get the results you want. Tarot is not great at answering yes or no questions, it yes if you do this, or no because of this. Timing questions are dependent upon what is going on in each moment. Energy is changing all the time depending upon the thought, emotions, & fate imprints that get left behind by you and the other players in your journey. Reiki: Reiki is universal life force energy. It is the source energy given freely and lovingly to all of humanity, animals, plants, the elements, minerals and rocks. Its the gift of life. Reiki is used to align the 7 plus chakras, which are energy centers that go up and down the body, front and back. Reiki energy is gentle and feels really warm and pleasant. If your energy centers arent aligned reiki will align them, if they are too closed they will become more open, and if your chakra centers are too open they will close down the right amount. Reiki is non-intrusive, healing, and supportive of your life force energy. You will enjoy it so much you may fall asleep. Foot Reflexology: Reflexology will help you energy flow, and energy flow is health. Stuck energy develops into physical/emotional stress, & stress develops into toxins. Reflexology releases the toxins in your cells. Reflexology is an ancient Egyptian/Asian homeopathic healing method that uses the Foot to enter the energy meridians of the body system to release/give energy to the areas of the bones, skin, organs, blood, & glands. What ever is hyperactive will be brought down, what ever is hypoactive will be brought up. In the east there are reflexology therapist on every corner because it is a part of everyday life to keep your energy flowing. Astrology Readings: Through your birthchart you can deeper self-understanding and knowledge about your potentials in your life and your biggest challenges. The readings can go from mundane to deeply spiritual. Pilates : In our sessions together we will assess your breathing technique, your core strength, posture, and flexibility. The goal of Pilates is to strengthen your core muscles that support your whole system to prevent disease, boost your immune system, increase stamina, & lift your emotional temperament. The sessions will start at a beginners level and will modulate according to your bodies natural capacity. In 10 sessions you will feel different, in 20 you will begin to see a change in your body, in 30 sessions your body will be different. Thai Yoga Massage: Is an ancient healing modality that uses accupressure points, energy meridian lines and yoga poses. I use my hands, feet and body to provide deeply relaxing Deep Tissue subtle energy body activation. That is deepl pleasurable, relaxing, & healing. I love helping you heal, it comes natural to me

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