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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy in Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy located in Chicago, Illinois.
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy in Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy located in Chicago, Illinois.

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

  Chicago, Illinois, 60605
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Introduction: I offer a free Get-Acquainted telephone session. I am usually available within an hour or two after you contact me. I can answer all of your questions and lay out a plan of action for you. There is no pressure or obligation. Those who take advantage of this session are already closer to achieving their goals than those who do not. I have devoted the past 20 years to helping people reach their goals using hypnotherapy and life coaching. I work with clients all over the world. My clients succeed as my many reviews attest. I have many reviews that are not displayed here on Thumbtack but appear on Google and Yelp. You can see them on my website. I understand that coping with life can be difficult at times. Many of my clients felt like there were no solutions to their problems until they tried my Get Results Hypnosis. Most people notice improvement after their very first session. This can be your experience as well. By the time many people just like you come to work with me, they are exhausted. It is humbling to see how much pain and struggle we can truly endure. When people are introduced to hypnosis, they see how quickly and easily they reach their goals. They learn how easy it is to make the changes they need to make and they begin to experience a completely different life, often after their very first session. The most common issues I work with: - STOP SMOKING - FOOD ISSUES - PANIC ATTACKS - ANXIETY - ADDICTIONS LIKE DRUGS OR ALCOHOL - FEARS & PHOBIAS - COMPULSIVE DISORDERS - SLEEP ISSUES - RELATIONSHIP DIFFICULTIES - SELF ESTEEM - CHILDHOOD ISSUES - MOTIVATION -OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATION - ACHIEVING SUCCESS I HAVE HELPED MANY CONQUER MEDICAL ISSUES - IBS, hypertension, PTSD, PTSS, trouble sleeping, reduce pain, fear of dentist, creating hypno-anesthesia, labor/childbirth. I HAVE HELPED MANY TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: sports, school, ADD/ADHD, test- taking, public speaking, confidence, motivation, sexual issues. I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist. I have studied and passed rigorous training at the only nationally accredited hypnotherapy college, Hypnosis Motivation Institute. I am required to continue this training every year and re-certify my clinical hypnotherapy status. I am trained to help with many complex issues such as panic, anxiety, sleep disturbance, pain relief and more. Most hypnotherapists are not certified or rightfully designated as clinical hypnotherapists. I am. As with other professions, I am required to re-certify through nationally accredited associations each year and I am required to submit continuing education credits to receive this re-certification. I Will Help You Create A Plan • Life coaching with hypnosis gives you a road map that helps you understand what can be achieved. It helps you set and meet your milestones. • Hypnotherapy helps reduce your bad habits and replace them with health habits that leads to success. • NLP techniques increase your results. Let''s get you on the right track today. Life Coaching helps you to find practical solutions and shows you how to implement them to reach your goals and dreams easily. I also offer a complimentary Consultation and Evaluation. When you are my client, I am actively engaged and invested in your success. I make myself available to you between sessions as needed. I am there for you. My focus is on your success. Touching people at the very core of their struggle is both humbling and rewarding. I don''t think there is anyone alive that hasn''t struggled in some way. Sadly, most people suffer alone. They feel that they should suck it up or that they will just get over it. But that''s not how it works. By the time most people realize that they are not getting answers, they are really suffering. They may see doctors, psychotherapists, pastoral counselors, or try endless programs. So often, their answers are just not there but hypnotherapy DOES help you achieve these elusive goals. Hypnotherapy has a proven track record. Hypnosis has been recognized by the AMA since 1958 as accepted Alternative and Complementary Medical Treatment. I''ll check in on you months later to see how you''re doing. What''s best for me is when I receive that phone call... And a client will tell me how much easier their life is. Who wouldn''t love that?'

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