Family Lawyer cost, what's the Price to a Hire Family Attorney near you?

Average Family Lawyer Prices is $100 – $400 Per Hour

Family Lawyer cost near you. Ashburn, Virginia

What are the Family Lawyer costs near me?

Here is your answer:

The national average cost for Family Lawyer Costs is $2500 per case. The national minimum Family Law Attorney Cost is $500 per case and the national maximum cost can be upward of $2,500 and more per case.  The average range is $1000-$2500 per case.  The price can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code).

The first step is to research qualified candidates.  We recommend the best way to find a Family Lawyer Attorney Costs is use a Free Pro listing service such as  to find, hire and check reviews on qualified professionals. When researching, there are some critical key features to look for.  The key point is to work with a Professional that makes you feel comfortable doing the task for you.  

To find a way out of legal arguments can be tough, especially when such matters involve your loved ones. Family Law has always been the less discrete side of law for an average human.

Matters of individual relations or possessions can often be difficult and at times rather pricey to deal with when outsourced to big law firms. An easy solution out of this can be hiring a family attorney.

Family law cases are uneasy and disturbing for the people involved. Be it between a husband or wife or a child demanding emancipation. Without the right legal advice, these matters can be mishandled resulting in a long term loss for the family.

A family attorney can be hired to deal with such matters of family law which include but are not limited to divorce, child custody, and property or will distributions.

These matters often demand a lot of expertise and knowledge which cannot be known to an average person. Keep reading to learn about the average costs involved in hiring an attorney, to you can your process simpler.

What comes under family law?

  1. Couple
    1. Separation – moving into separate places while keeping the marriage intact.
    2. Divorce – ending the commitment, once and for all.
    3. Pre-nuptial agreement – an agreement prior to the marriage that ensures the division of assets if (in case) divorce occurs.
  2. Child
    1. Adoption – fostering a child legally.
    2. Custody – after divorce or separation of the parents, where will the child live?
    3. Emancipation – when a minor is self-supporting, and wishes to move- out of their parents.
  3. Others
  4. Domestic violence – speaking up against the torture a person faces by the family
  5. Property division – after divorce the division of common assets owned.
  6. Inheritance – division of property after the death of parents.
  7. Will writing – a person writing up his will, which is disclosed to the family after the death.

Why should you hire an attorney?

Many lawyers handling family law, are well aware of related cases that might pop up.

For instance, a case of a couple separating, can lead to a divorce case if things go wrong. But if you’re handling the case yourself, you might have not expected to take such a turn. Here, hiring an attorney with experience can ease the process.

Similarly, there might arise complications in an adoption. A relative trying to claim the property of the adopted child or worse. Having a lawyer handling and guiding you in legal matters can be a great help.

The experience and the exposure gained by the lawyer, will lower the burden upon you, and ultimately lessen the stress it may have caused.

Keep your mind at peace, hire an attorney, and let them do what they are best at.

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How is the attorney fee charged?

Different law firms charge their clients by different methods, according to their level of expertise. Some might charge an hourly rate, varying from $100 – $400. While others may charge a flat rate for the service.

  1. Flat rate

A flat rate charge is for a complete package, including consultation till the court charges (if any). However, some might charge an additional fee, if the case is complicated. For instance, a custody case along with a divorce.

The approximate charges can be anything between $1000 to $5000, depending on the expertise and complexity.

  1. Hourly rate

Hourly rates are charged by the number of hours the lawyer spends on your case. The charge may be higher for a highly experienced lawyer, but the number of hours taken would be lower.

The final rate is subsequently decided after analyzing the complexity of the case.

What is included in a standard attorney fee?

Legal issues related to the family can turn out to be extremely vague and costly at the same time. To make the right decision while choosing an attorney for your case, you should know the fee structure

  1. Consultation fee

Most of the law firms, give a free consultation on your case. But that is usually a general advice.

To get a more personalized opinion, and understand the procedure, you might have to pay $50- $100 as a consultation fee.

Once you get an in-depth look at your possibilities from an expert’s view, you can then choose the lawyer according to the difficulty level of the case.

  1. Retainer fee

A non-refundable, down payment, made to the law firm to reserve an attorney for your cases for a specific period.

This is a good option, as if any developments are made further, you won’t have to start with the search process again. Just call up your lawyer and get them on to your case right away.

The fee depends on who you select as your lawyer, his rank, and the years of experience.

  1. Court fee

Charges incurred by the court are sometimes included in the total bill of the lawyer and sometimes paid separately. These charges include filing fees, witness charges, and appeal fees.  These may vary from case to case. A simple divorce may be less costly, than a full-fledged divorce with custody case.

  1. Legal aid

Are you afraid of the high charges these attorneys might charge? You can opt for legal aid, and get your cases legally handled at a much lower cost. And if they classify your case as a pro-bono, you might as well get it handled for free.

  1. Transportation costs

Hiring an attorney from a smaller state may help you save some pennies, but you will have to pay his/her transportation and accommodation costs.

These charges depend on if the attorney is traveling alone or accompanied by a paralegal, or by a junior attorney. The more the people the higher the charges!

7 questions you should ask before hiring an attorney?

Before making a decision, it is better to ask the following question to your attorney. These may help you in making the right choice.

  1. Are you assisted by a junior attorney or a paralegal?

The attorney in charge, is supported by either to perform research on the case, and assist the attorney in need. However, the charges are different for both. A paralegal is not a qualified lawyer so the pay is lesser than a junior lawyer. This will help in estimating the costs.

  1. Are you a lawyer or an attorney?

Attorneys have passed the bar exam, while the lawyers haven’t. An attorney is always a lawyer, but a lawyer is not always an attorney. Fee might be different for both, and knowledge about the courtroom too.

  1. How many years of experience do you have?

This will help you know if your case is in good hands.

  1. What is your charging method?

As we know, the attorneys charge an hourly rate or a flat rate. It is better to know beforehand about the method they charge.

  1. What other costs will be included in the contract?

Apart from legal costs, and the cost details mentioned above, there may be additional charges. Such as printing copies, cost incurred while searching for evidence and more. You should ask about all the hidden charges before you make the final choice.

  1. Will the calls be charged as well?

For an hourly rate, lawyers may charge the calls you make to them. To make a final estimate of the fee, you should discuss all the factors.

  1. Will I be notified if the charges exceed a certain level?

If your case is complicated, the resources required might exceed the fee level decided. And if you plan to hire an expert lawyer, you might want to know if the costs are increasing, and if it is still in your budget or not.

Tips and tricks

We have some tips and tricks for you to save some bucks.

  • We suggest you to find law firms that provide a free consultation. You might visit two or three to get an in-depth view of your case.
  • You may also choose the right attorney for your family case by taking a reference from any of your friend or family who has experienced a similar situation.

Use to find a local professional to help you with the jobs you need done quickly and professionally.  If the service requires a license professional you need to check their license from a public service

Pro Tip:  Get a few quotes from service providers is key to understand current market costs.  Use a good site that will allow you to gather an idea of the market price range you can expect without obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lawyer is a person who has studied law and practices it. A lawyer is not an attorney. An attorney is a person who has passed the bar exam and practices law.

Obviously, an attorney is more qualified than a lawyer, so he should be preferred. But the nature of the case plays an important role. If it is a simple pre-nuptial agreement writing or an adoption case, a good lawyer will do.

Retaining an attorney can give you peace of mind. You will not have to run after searching for a lawyer every time a conflict arises. However, it might be heavy on the pocket.

This depends on your case, some can be resolved outside court, with the help of the lawyers of both sides.

However, if the case is taken to the court, it will add to the time taken for the dispute to resolve.

On average a family law attorney can cost up to $500 per hour and lowest to $50 per hour.

This solely depends on the years of experience of the lawyer practicing family law, and your case.

An emancipation may be easy on the pocket if the parents agree to it, if not, it may cost higher if the two parties are not on the same page.

Similarly, the division of assets after the death of the parents will be easier if the siblings are considerate towards each other and wish to solve it outside court. This way they all could save up.

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