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If you are scaling your business, filling gaps in your schedule, or just starting up, SkillSetCity is here to help you find the right customers.
  • Customers come here to hire professionals like You

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      More cost effective than Thumbtack, Angie's List, Home Advisor

      *Straight Line Cost $6.00 -$8.00 per lead cost. That's it.

      *All Customer leads are VERIFIED to be valid emails before they are sent to you

    • We Get Customer Leads For You: Leads have the choice of either answering a questionnaire for direct submission OR messaging you directly. Options like these keep leads coming back to SkillSetCity!

    • No subscriptions, no commissions, and NO term obligations.

    • All Business categories from Tutoring to Catering to Consultants to Plumbers to Home maintenance services! Use us for your benefits

    • *FREE No Risk! Local customer lead credits for all new sign-ups

    • Customer potentials – Incoming lead answers specific questions about their project or what they need and we share those details with pros like you. Some customers may opt to skip the questionnaire and send you a message directly on our platform. Having options is what keeps our customers coming back to use SkillSetCity.com

    • ROI You Can Rely On - You’re looking for marketing solutions that deliver the best ROI, and that’s where SkillSetCity shines. Prospects come to SkillSetCity looking for help with a project and are directly connected with service providers.

    • Seamless Interface - On the backend, prospects are screened and sent to you. When you sign in at SkillSetCity, you are provided with the exact information we’ve gleaned from interested prospects, and our REAL-TIME, user-friendly dashboards let you check requests, see your history, and view projects through the portal. You decide to work with as many leads as you'd like at the lowest cost possible.

    • Transparent Rates - The SkillSetCity One-Rate model lets you choose who you want to work with, and our fee is typically $6.00-$8.00 per customer. This is a low, one-time fee per customer. Before you decide on the customer, you get to see all the communication we’ve had with the client so you can decide whether or not to interact.

    • FREE Marketing ASAP - As a SkillSetCity Pro, you receive a free online profile. This boosts your web presence and helps promote your business. We take the hassle and high cost out of marketing and give you hot leads as they come in, and you get instant access to real-time leads for your business.

    • Built-In Automation - - Constant communication with prospects is the best way to convert them into customers. Our “One Click Response” feature lets you automatically reply to prospects quickly and effectively. While you’re working on your business, every request receives a reply until you can tend to it.

    • Track Your Success - - Keep track of how many leads you received through SkillSetCity and the amount of revenue earned for your business. If you’re not seeing a healthy return on your investment on the site, you may need to revamp your profile and re-position your message strategy to communicate with potential customers.

      SkillSetCity.com is a super cost effective platform in the gig-economy for local Professionals
      Give Us a try - You won’t be disappointed!

  • Get Started Today with a $105.00 FREE Credit!!

    • Getting new customers is more reliable and more cost-effective with SkillSetCity. Prospects reach out to you over the platform, and you respond. It’s that simple. We charge a small fee per customer, but you receive all the customer’s information beforehand to decide if you want to proceed.

      Our platform is transparent and reliable. We’re here to help you get results. Would you like to reach thousands of prospects for FREE? That’s the value of SkillSetCity. You only pay for the prospects you choose to work with. We support hundreds of services. Our expansive category list is designed to bring in leads for YOU!

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What Professional Vendors Are Saying
Quick and helpful service for my business! Got great customer responses instantly and I closed the deal within 2 days.
LA, California Since 2018
Great service at a very Low cost to grow my business, I'd totally recommend it. Excellent way for local businesses to get meaningful customers.
Chicago, IL
"Within 10 minutes of signing up, I had contacts from 2 interested customers ready for me to help them with their requests"
New York, NY Since 2016